Parkway Facilities

  • Reception and waiting area

    Our reception area serves to provide a comfortable and interactive area for you, your pet, and your family.

    Chiffon Suns Out

  • Exam rooms

    Our hospital has ten exam rooms to meet your needs including two which contain hydraulic tables for our larger patients.

    Bark Sign Image

  • Pharmacy

    Our large up-to-date pharmacy encompasses all or your pet’s pharmaceutical and nutraceutical needs.


  • Treatment

    Our treatment area contains four work stations and central oxygen.

    Tiny Paws Bunnies

  • Special Procedures Room

    This room allows for acupunctureultrasound and endoscopy.

    Acupuncture Whippet

  • Isolation Room

    Our isolation room is completely separated and has its own exhaust system to prevent your pet from being exposed to infectious agents while they are staying with us.

  • Exotic Ward

    Our exotic ward is located in the rear of the hospital to keep down noises that may upset some of our exotic spp. This ward contains 6 thermally controlled incubators and multiple vision cages for our larger reptile patients.

    Hedgehog image

  • Outside fenced Area

    Our outside potty area is fenced for the protection and safety of your pet during their stay with us.

  • Equipment

    We strive to maintain the latest in diagnostic and monitoring equipment.