PJ LVT, Account Receivable Coordinator


LVT, Account Receivable Coordinator

PJ started as a client of Dr. Bankstahl over 20 years ago with her iguanas & birds. This developed an interest in working in the veterinary field and PJ soon found herself pursuing a position as a receptionist when Dr. Bankstahl purchased Parkway Veterinary Clinic in 1999. As time passed, PJ developed an interest in moving into a veterinary assistant position and then decided being a veterinary technician is what she really wanted to do as a career. In 2003 PJ completed the LVT program and become a licensed technician. The last 12 years PJ has become an accomplished teacher at Baker College focusing on educating other technicians about exotic companion animals. This has been PJ's primary career and one that she genuinely loves! PJ considers Parkway her other "home" full of her extended family and has enjoyed putting in her veterinary roots over the past 17 years of practice.

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